Kisses dripping chemical courage
A curtain drawn, for a two-way audience
Bodies move and cling to each other, they close in
Penetrating first physical, and then soul-like membranes

Such an act has rules of engagement
one, a sense of duty. Two, real love
Sex is esteemed in society’s eyes,
My female form has never been mine

So the irony on this night is loud
Those eyes that view the female shape as a vehicle for potency
Now watch my silhouette as it caresses the shadows
I am theirs but this time because I did the insisting

Shame would make an appearance at the bedside aftermath
As a horseman with shrunken heads of punishment
In the place of jewels around its bloody and throbbing neck
It whispered of my extinguished power, it drowned me

But! With first taste comes an appraisal, a possible pivot
Familiarity always reveals unseen dimensions
Layers become chapters, chapters the anthology.
This is the story of a sophisticated stomach, a changed mind

Our human caverns surge and yawn
In our broadness, we are meaningless
Seesawed by the giant significance of one tiny creation.
To live is to be seen

The urge to be observed, however
Is a twin thread that runs along an inverse degree
If a desire to be known is nature
Demanding it is nurtured by the evolution of obscurity

it’s my dance party