A little visual I made today that got me all kinds of triggered.

Kisses dripping chemical courage
A curtain drawn, for a two-way audience
Bodies move and cling to each other, they close in
Penetrating first physical, and then soul-like membranes

Such an act has rules of engagement
one, a sense of duty. …

Real text message conversation with another weirdo

Her doorbell rings.

“Ah. Fuck” — less of an exclamation and more of an absentminded acknowledgement — then she tosses a salsa container on the counter that she’d just pulled from the refrigerator and moves to open the door.

The salsa, some tortilla chips, four ibuprofen, and a screwdriver make…

At the age of 8, I lived with my family in the first place that felt like a real house. Prior to the Avenue C house — and based solely on the beginning of my ability to remember things — we’d been in a tiny and dilapidated shack almost right…

Liesl Anne DeJarnatt Lipford

it’s my dance party

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